Friday, 22 July 2011

Spiderman: Total Mayhem

Spiderman: Total Mayhem was released on september 2010. It's an action brawler starring (of course) spiderman. 

The plot follows a day in the life of spiderman after a breakout from the Triskelion (the spidey jail) and his job fighting the many recognizable villains from the Spiderman universe.

The art in the game is clear, crisp and colorful. While models are still chunky, the textures bring the characters to life with vivid colors.

The fighting is handled by three buttons - attack, web attack and jump - using combinations of these three buttons it's easy to pull of interesting combos on groups of thugs. Accompanying this system spidey sense is incorporated in a dodge mechanic, allowing you to tap a button when you're about to be hit to dodge out of the way in slo-mo.

All of the aspects of the game come together to create a great gaming experience that shouldn't be missed by either action, or spidey lovers.


  1. thats nice, keep it up! :)

  2. mobile gaming has come a long way since snake...